Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures A thing of the Past with cool sculpting in Metairie LA


Body jet liposuction
 Body jet liposuction

As of the 20th century, the world has been consumed with Collar jobs compel you into a lifestyle of muscles less work, dragging in hydraulic chairs and commute that ignores your healthcare needs. All this summed with the overtime deadlines that force your weekend at home into a freelance office environment. The health statistics of collar working employees who get sidelined by their work before they can even think of a jogging Saturday are staggering. But now that the world has finally started to realize and appreciate the value of staying smart and fit, keeping the body in shape has somewhat become a necessity of living.

However, with bad allocation of time still at large, it is almost impossible for hardworking individuals to avail the luxury of exercise throughout their busy schedules. When people consider technology as a cause of turmoil of unhealthy lifestyle, they often forget how it is helping them solve it.

Technology and Medical Science

Medical science has come to revolutionary stage where everything from cloning to biomechanical body parts is no longer a thing of the future. Studies and researched have coupled to produced ground breaking procedures that help you lose weight without spending hours in the gym to lose your body fat.

I know. To some it might sound too good to be true, while to others as just another conjuring trick of technology to move the goal post and discourage exercising.

cool sculpting In   Metairie Louisiana

Well to be honest, it really is happening and it does help you rid your unnecessary fat in the fast lane. cool sculpting is a medical breakthrough of body sculpting that offers a new lease of life. Being a non-surgical treatment, cool sculpting uses ultra low temperatures to freeze the adipose tissue (fat) and remove it in the most peaceful way.

Origins of Freezing cool sculpting In Metairie LA


For those who have little or no knowledge what the procedure is about, here is cool sculpting 101 for them.

The Idea originates several years ago when Scientist and researcher, Dieter Manstien and R. Rox Anderson observed the effect of temperature on the skin after studying children who ate popsicles. They found out that children developed dimples on their cheeks as the popsicles managed to freeze and remove sectors of fat cells around their mouths. This evolved into the idea of cold therapy that could eliminate fat cells without affecting or harming the neighboring tissues, which developed into cool sculpting as we know today.

Is it Really that Effective?

cool sculpting in Metairie is a non-surgical treatment that involves no harmful procedures, chemicals or medication that can damage the body in anyway. This means no side effects or pain that is often an aftermath of fat reduction surgeries such as liposuction. For those of you who have reservations regarding the legality of Cool sculpting or Fat sculpting, it is an FDA certified fat reduction treatment approved in United States in 2010.

What Becomes of the Fat Cells?

In many regions of the body fat gets deposited and over due course the region becomes resilient to effects form dieting and exercise. CoolSculpting targets the strongholds of stubborn fat beneath the skin (usually around the belly region) and through controlled cooling it gently treats the fat cells by crystalizing them. Once these fat cells are crystalized, they become dead and later assimilated by the body in the natural way.

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Treatments

Body jet liposuction
smart lipo

The treatment itself has proven with breathtaking results with over more than 3 million treatments performed worldwide, taking the spot of no.1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment across the globe. Unlike liposuction procedures that push the body into surgery and medication, CoolSculpting involves no painful injections, incisions or insertions of apparatus in the patient. The swelling, pain, numbness and bruising is an integral part of surgical fat reduction treatments such as liposuction and even entails risk of death during the procedure.

What the Future Beholds

With pain free and more effective non-surgical body sculpting treatments such as CoolSculpting, liposuction is most likely to become a thing of the past in due time. It is only a matter of time when CoolScupting will be a part of every working individual’s life or might even get offered with health plans for employees within thier contract employment. With a proven track record and millions of positive testimonials, I think everyone with an unwanted sack of fat hanging out should give it a shot.


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Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures A thing of the Past with fat sculpting in El Paso TX
Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures A thing of the Past with lipo without surgery in El Paso TX
Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures A thing of the Past with Body jet liposuction in El Paso TX
Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures A thing of the Past with Body jet liposuction in El Paso TX
Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures A thing of the Past with Liposuction in El Paso TX